Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Look - a new feature! Trying out this Muxtape deal. For those unfamiliar with Muxtape, it's a Web site that allows users to upload mp3s to create a streaming playlist similar to - yes - a mixtape. Technology, man.

The songs are just random tracks I have and like. The site is extremely easy to use, so indulge. I'll make a new tracklist sometime in the near future.

(P.S.: Bonus beat at the end of this first edition. I was in a band in high school. That may or may not be a song we recorded for our first, and only, demo. I may or may not be playing guitar. I may or may not sing a few lines on it. The quality kind of sucks but I saw it in the vault and thought it'd be fun to post. We listened to Jimmy Eat World.)

(P.P.S.: The Review's art editor, Nick DiBerardinis, was inspired to make his own muxtape. Check out his Digital Hustlin' tape here.)

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