Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I took a few pictures from the recent Hot Chip and A-Trak/Steve Aoki shows. They were both booked by the consistent Philadelphia booking agency R5 Productions. I've been going to R5 shows for more than five years now and I'm thankful to have grown up near the Philly area. Fair prices, unique venues and strong buzz bands/acts.

The pictures are of the poorest quality, but I was able to get pretty close to both stages (Hot Chip played the Starlight Ballroom while A-Trak's "Screaming Bloody Murder" tour played the Barbary). If you're interested in purchasing a new phone, this is how the iPhone does it.

The crowd liked Hot Chip. The boys played "Wrestlers" really well that night.

A-Trak. 'Ye's DJ. Dates Kid Sister. Wears Jordan 4's.

Steve Aoki.